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PROPHECY OF DOOM-Acknowledge the Confusion Master (1990)


Death Metal/Grindcore (early), Doom/Death Metal (later)
Lyrical theme(s)
Philosophy, Religion, the Human Mind
Origin Formed in Last label Status
United Kingdom (Tewkesbury) 1988 Metal Core Records Split-up
Last known line-up
Shrew - Vocals (Alehammer)
Shrub - Guitar (Alehammer)
"Big Jim Grinder" Whitely - Bass (Napalm Death, Ripcord, Drop Dead (Gbr), Doom (Gbr), Squandered, Dumbstruck, Cracked Cop Skulls)
Mark Shambles - Drums
Former/past member(s)
Guitar :
Tom Csuka
Mike Johnson
Bass :
Martin Holt
Drums :
Dean Uzzell (R.I.P. 17th Aug 2002, suicide)
Jazz Rone

1. Prophetic Believers Prepare 02:30
2. Insanity Reigns Supreme 03:26
3. Hybrid Thought 04:54
4. Earth Reality Victim 02:42
5. Rhetorical Fusion 04:28
6. Prophetic Believers Act 03:50
7. Rancid Oracle? 03:03
8. Calculated Mind Rape 03:52
9. Acknowledge The Confusion Master 04:04


NOCTURNUS- The Key. (1990)

Nocturnus was an American progressive death metal band formed in Tampa, Florida in 1987 by drummer/vocalist Mike Browning (formerly of Morbid Angel). They were known for their science-fiction themed lyrics and use of keyboards, both of which were virtually unknown in extreme metal. Although they were (and still are) relatively obscure, important bands such as Necrophagist, Theory in Practice, and Children of Bodom have cited Nocturnus as an influence. Lineup: Mike Browning - vocals, drums Mike Davis - guitar/bass Sean McNenney - guitar Jeff Estes - bass Louis Panzer - keyboards Guest musician: Kam Lee - backing vocals TRACKS. 1. Lake of Fire 05:04 2. Standing in Blood 04:20 3. Visions from Beyond the Grave 04:09 4. Neolithic 04:51 5. Before Christ/After Death 04:57 6. Andromeda Strain 03:42 7. Droid Sector 04:21 8. Destroying the Manger 06:09 9. Empire of the Sands 06:27



INFERNAL TORMENT-Man's True Nature (1995)

Brutallity from Denmark ...

Martin Boris - Drums
Jakob Hansen - Guitar
Scott Iensen - Vocals
Steffan Larsen - Bass
Paul Winther - Lead Guitar


1. Taking Advantage of a Virgin 03:17
2. Motherfuck 03:38
3. Uncontrollable 03:25
4. Perverted 03:01
5. Instincts 03:11
6. The Undertaker 03:29
7. Baby Battering Bill 03:16
8. No Longer a Virgin 02:34
9. On the Hunt for Fresh Flesh 02:53
10. When Daddy Comes Home 03:06


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BLOOD-Christbait (1992)

BLOOD was formed by Eisen, Taki, Geier and Radtke in March 1986 as a fun-noise Band. We recorded 3 Demos during this noisy time. In June 1987 VENTILATOR joined BLOOD and the songs got more structure and the music became serious. The 4th Demo ´HEINOUS NOISE´ was recorded in Oct.1987, the 5th Demo ´SPASMO PARALYTIC DREAMS´, where Bestial Bernd used the micro in Feb.1988 and the 6th Demo ´NO REGRET´ in Aug. 1988 with Chuck on vocals.After that we found a new Singer called Martin. At the beginning of 1989 we got our first record-deal with the US-Label ´WILD RAGS RECORDS´ the release of our debut LP ´IMPULSE TO DESTROY´ was in July 1989. One year later WILD RAGS released our first EP, ´RECOGNIZE YOURSELF´. After that we finished our cooperation with the label, ´cause they totally ripped us off. In Dec. 1990 we recorded 5 new songs, which were released on two different split EP´s (one with IMPETIGO and the other with AGATHOCLES). those EP´s were self-releases with nearly 2000 copies each sold. After experiments with a second guitar player and another singer-change (Alex replaced Martin) we got another record deal with the german label ´1MF-RECORDz´ for the next 2 BLOOD Albums. The second LP called ´CHRISTBAIT´ released in June 1992 and the 3rd Album ´O AGIOS PETHANE´ where Martin re-joined Blood released in Sep. 1993. After that release we signed a deal with ´MORBID RECORDS´. In August 1994 they did our split EP with DEAD INFECTION (with Eisen on vox) and the re-release of the 1st BLOOD Album on CD. In march 1994 we found Clausi, who used to be our actual singer and stopped the permanent line-up changes. later we recorded our 4th Album ´MENTAL CONFLICT´ released in Dec.1994. In Sep.1995 we did another EP called ´SPITTLE RED OF BLOOD´ out on Iron records. In 1996 we recorded our 5th Album to be released in August 1996 as a self release (called `DEPRAVED GODDESS`´). The next release was the split EP BLOOD/MYSTIC CIRCLE out since May 97. In December 97 the split EP with PSYCHO (USA) is released on AX/TION records,USA. The BLOOD/INHUME split EP was released in may 98. After that, we signed a contract at ARS METALLI records for the 6th full BLOOD album called `gas flames bones` released since August 99. In 2000 we became part of the IMPETIGO-tribute CD on Razorback records - USA. In early 2001 the BLOOD/WARSPITE split 7" released by Xetal records saw the daylight. After that in April 2001 KETZER PRODUCTIONS released the full BLOOD 7" called massacre. In march 2003 it was time for us to release the 7th BLOOD album called "Dysangelium" ON Morbid records... it´s a fucking killer!


1. Lost Lords (Intro) 02:05
2. ...And No One Cries 02:06
3. The Last Words 02:37
4. Scares Of Soul 02:45
5. Damnation 01:59
6. Harass 01:12
7. Join Stock Company 03:05
8. Final Chasm 00:56
9. Dogmatize 02:23
10. Self Immolation 03:18
11. Widow Path 01:36
12. Be Doomed 01:07
13. Bought Beauty 01:27
14. Past Belief Cession 01:52
15. Mass Distortion 03:08
16. The Greed 02:17
17. Down To The Swamp 00:51
18. Technical Abortion 02:05
19. The Head Of A Dead Cat 00:07
20. Terroraise 01:24


VADER-Future Of The Past (1996)

Vader is a Polish death metal band from Olsztyn, formed in 1983. According to Piotr Wiwczarek, the band's founding singer and guitar player, the band's name was inspired by Darth Vader from the Star Wars film series.Lyrical themes include stories by H.P. Lovecraft.According to Billboard magazine from 2003 Vader sold over 500,000 releases over the world
Future of the Past is the third album. It consists entirely of covers by various bands.

Track listing
1-"Outbreak of Evil" (Angelripper, Sodom) − 2:05 (Cover: Sodom)
2-"Flag of Hate" (Fioretti, Petrozza) − 3:11 (Cover: Kreator)
3-"Storm of Stress" (Terrorizer) − 1:15 (Cover: Terrorizer)
4-"Death Metal" (Beccera, Torra) − 2:38 (Cover: Possessed)
5-"Fear of Napalm" (Garcia, Terrorizer) − 2:45 (Cover: Terrorizer)
6-"Merciless Death" (Doty, Durkin) − 4:05 (Cover: Dark Angel)
7-"Dethroned Emperor" (Warrior) − 4:06 (Cover: Celtic Frost)
8-"Silent Scream" (Araya, Hanneman, King) − 2:56 (Cover: Slayer)
9-"We Are the League" (Anti Nowhere League...) − 2:35 (Cover: Anti-Nowhere League)
10-"I.F.Y." (Depeche Mode, Wiwczarek) − 4:20 (Cover: Depeche Mode)
11-"Black Sabbath" (Butler, Iommi, Osbourne, Ward) − 6:19 (Cover: Black Sabbath)


SINISTER-Aggresive Measures (1998)

Sinister is a death metal band from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, assembled in 1988, disassembled in 2004, and reassembled in 2005 by Adrie Kloosterwaard on vocals and Bas van den Bogaard on bass. They have released eight albums, all solid death metal. Their last album, The Silent Howling, which takes a slightly more melodic turn in longer songs, has received very positive reviews.


1. The Upcoming 01:14

2. Aggressive Measures 03:44

3. Beyond the Superstition 02:57

4. Into the Forgotten 03:43

5. Enslave the Weak 04:33

6. Fake Redemption 03:19

7. Chained in Reality 04:38

8. Emerged with Hate 02:37

9. Blood Follows the Blood 04:18


EXIT-13-Green is Good.(1990)

Exit-13 was a grindcore band from Millersville, Pennsylvania. The band were formed in 1989 by Relapse Records founder and co-owner Bill Yurkiewicz (vocals), guitarist Steve O'Donnell and bassist Joel Dipietro. Their early recordings, including the Disembowelling Party, The Unrequited Love of Chicken Soup and Eat More Crust demos (all 1989), their debut fully-length Green Is Good (1990) and the EPs The Unrequited Love of Chicken Soup (1990) and Spare the Wrench, Surrender the Earth (1991) featured a line-up of Yurkiewicz, O'Donnell and Dipietro, with drum duties being shared between Bill Schaeffer and Pat McCahan.

Exit-13 underwent a line-up change prior to 1994's Ethos Musick, and recruited the rhythm section of Dan Lilker, famous for his work with Anthrax, Nuclear Assault and Brutal Truth on bass guitar, and his Brutal Truth band-mate Scott Lewis on drums. Brutal Truth's vocalist Kevin Sharp also provided backing vocals. Future line-ups were to include Bliss Blood (of Pain Teens), Richard Hoak (of Brutal Truth) and Dave Witte (of Burnt by the Sun, Discordance Axis and Municipal Waste), amongst others.

The band's lyrics mainly focused on environmental issues (with open support to radical groups like Earth First!), but also concentrate on social issues. The band also supported the decriminalization of marijuana.


GOATLORD - Reflections of the Solstice (1991)

Goatlord began in 1985 although they did not release their first demo until June 1987. Their initial offering was a mixture of sludge and death metal only titled 1987 Demo. A cult following grew and tape-traders re-named this first demo as Forever Black Dwell in Hell, a line take from the song "Unholy Black Slut". Their second demo, Sodomize the Goat was a much deeper look into the Goatlord depravity and metallic sound. Goatlord began to change their musical style into a slower and more convincing mode of metal sound and continued to record only one more demo in 1991 before tensions grew about the band's progression. The majority of the members wanted to go towards a slower, more droning approach and the debate continued until vocalist Ace Stills ventured off with his own band Doom Snake Cult.

Goatlord's received a recording contract with Turbo Records and with their remaining members, began to work on their first full-length record without Ace. They had hired Mitch Harris of Napalm Death as their replacement vocalist. The entire album was recorded with Mitch as the vocalist and only a few last-minute adjustments needed to be compiled before mastering. At this time Ace returned and asked to rejoin the fledgling band. The remaining members conceded and briefly re-united. It was unknown to the band that when Ace laid down his vocal tracks for the album, he recorded over Mitch's vocal tracks, destroying them. There weren't any other versions of Mitch's vocals and those tracks are lost forever. While Mitch's vocals did not appear on that album his contributions to back-up vocals did make it on the Reflections of the Solstice album.

In 2007 Nuclear War Now Productions released their CD The Last Sodomy of Mary. This album contains 9 songs that were recorded after Reflections of the Solstice but were unreleased until now. The die-hard LP version comes with a second vinyl with 7 additional tracks of unreleased/live/cover material.

There is some question to the band status as there are reports the band has broken up while others state a new album may be forthcoming in later 2007.


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AVULSED-Stabwound Orgasm (1999)

AVULSED is without any doubt the most veteran and constant band in the Spanish extreme Metal scene since its inception in August '91. Being the most active band in terms of releases (despite of not being a very prolific band) and live performances around the world and never even taking a small break ever since always being loyal to their Death Metal style.
The story has just begun for AVULSED after 18 years of non-stopping devotion to something of what the band has already become a synonym: Death Metal!!
1. Amidst the Macabre 01:53
2. Stabwound Orgasm 03:49
3. Blessed by Gore 04:27
4. Compulsive Hater 05:08
5. Eminence in Putrescence 04:33
6. Exorcismo Vaginal 04:02
7. Anthro-Pet-Phagus 04:46
8. Homeless Necrophile 04:36
9. Nice Rotting Eyes 04:18
10. Skinless 05:33
11. Coprotherapy 04:49
12. Virtual Massacre 10:40
Total playing time 58:34


Lubricant - Swallow the Symmetric Swab demo 1991(Finlandia)

A legendary demo from this old school medical-carcassic Death 'n' Roll finnish band formed in Nokia in 1988 ( Originally as a Speed Metal band called O.V.D ). in 1990 the band started playing Death metal under the new name, Lubricant. The band recorded all together three demos: "Subscription of Hydatidocele" in 1990 and "Surgical Centesis" and "Swallow the Symmetric Swab" in 1991 ( the last mentioned selling more than 700 copies ). In 1993 the band was also featured on a split-album of Morbid Records, with three German bands : Enslaved, Cadaver Corpse and Necromance. Driven by the fair success, the band also recorded the EP "Nookleptia", which was released through Morbid records in 1992.

1. Telesyphilis of Exfetation
2. Paralysis Bulbaris
3. Imperious Radiopraxis (Tabidus Scatter)
4. Inflammatorius Pulmonectomia
5. Pulpectomy


DEATH YELL-Morbid Rites (2007)

Band: Death Yell
Album: Morbid Rites(this is a remastered old legendary demo "Vengeance from Darkness"(1989) plus rare live recordings.)
Year: 2007
Genre: Death/Black Metal
Country: Chile

1.Obsessed by the Vision
2.Confessions After Death
3.Victim or Hangman
4.Vengeance from Darkness
5.Pain and Fear Days
6.Heavenly Injustice
7.Heavenly Injustice (live)
8.Piece of Time (live)
9.Bluffer (live)
10.Victim or Hangman (live)
11.Will Never Enjoy (live)
12.Confessions After Death (live)


IMPALED NAZARENE-Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz (1993)

Impaled Nazarene is a Finnish black metal band that incorporates elements of grindcore in their sound and punk rock in their aesthetics. The band is currently signed to Osmose Productions of France.

When asked about the origin of their name, Mika Luttinen stated in an interview that he had read a pamphlet about Christ appearing to be a vampire. He got to thinking about how impaling a vampire is one of the only ways to kill them, and thus, thought of the name "Impaled Nazarene"

The band was infamous for seeming to hate the Norwegian black metal scene back in the early 1990s however the band now seems to disassociate with such hatred. It has been ascertained that the origin of such "hate" was the fact that singer Mika Luttinen had been subjected to telephonic pranks by members of fellow Finnish metallers Beherit, which he interpreted as "attacks" from members of the Norwegian black metal scene. They also stopped wearing corpse paint in the mid 1990s due to it being "too trendy".

In 2003, guitarist Teemu Raimoranta died falling - or jumping - off a bridge on the ice below. Although officially stated to be caused by intoxication, Mika Luttinen speculated it was suicide.


SADUS-Swallowed In Black (1990)


Sadus was formed in 1984 in Antioch, California. While its very first efforts were based highly on Slayer, the band gradually progressed and developed its sound into a unique, innovative kind of music. Despite suffering from poor media exposure, the band has been able to reach some of the highest peaks in the Technical Metal genre, due to the improving musicianship of its members.

The band name was suggested by a friend of the band named Rick Rogers in 1985. It was originally taken from the novel Dune where Sadus are judges. The Fremen title refers to holy judges, equivalent to saints.[1] However, according to bass guitarist/vocalist Steve DiGiorgio: "He (Rogers) liked the sound of it and he said he could make it into a cool logo. So we chose it [...] it's not supposed to have a meaning as we don't stand for anything."[2]


TERRORIZER-World Downfall (1989)

Terrorizer formed in 1986 in Los Angeles where it played mostly backyard gigs and D-I-Y venues. Many consider them to be the originators of the grindcore genre. In fact, one of the first known uses of the term goes back to a discussion between guitarist Jesse Pintado and current vocalist Anthony Rezhawk when they were teenagers. They agreed that a new sound was emerging in the scene, one that seemed to put the styles of punk and metal through a grinder to produce an array of jagged sonic shards. Aggressive lyrical affronts to the status quo, blast beats, skank beats, and mohawks were all ground in mix. Terrorizer was one of the first bands to create this more sinister mode of what some call the cross-over phenomenon. The 1989 album “World Downfall” was recorded and released after Terrorizer disbanded. Pete Sandoval (drummer) and Jesse Pintado had joined the bands Morbid Angel and Napalm Death (both of which need no introduction). As Morbid and Napalm rose to power, Terrorizer’s legacy has amassed a global cult following of trashing Hessians and angry punks. World Downfall is an artifact that has been treated as though it were the stone tablet instructing the authentic ways of grindcore. Everyone gets a dose of brutality with this record whether they seek bone-crushing music or mind-expanding ideas, or both.


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MANGLED TORSOS-Drawings Of The Dead (1994)

1. Intro
2. Unsuspecting Sacrifice
3. Lost Emotions
4. Drawings Of The Dead
5. Morphea
6. Deranged Body Love
7. Malignant Tumor
8. Dehumanization
9. Dissemble

Origin - Germany
Style -Carcassic Doom Death Metal


NAPALM DEATH-The Peel Sessions (1989)

The Peel Sessions is a compilation album by Napalm Death of recorded BBC radio sessions.


BEHERIT-The Oath Of Black Blood (1991)

Beherit is a black metal band from Finland. The band was formed in 1989 by Nuclear Holocausto (Marko Laiho), Black Jesus (Arjo Wennström) and Sodomatic Slaughter (Jari Pirinen), with the purpose of performing "the most primitive, savage, hell-obsessed black metal imaginable."[1] "Beherit" is the Syriac word for Satan. Through the uncommercial nature of their music, visuals and live performances, the band quickly attracted a cult following.[1] Besides the "raw" sound, the band's music is noted for its avant-garde side and emphasis on atmosphere.[2] Beherit are now regarded as a pioneer in their genre.


Various - Corporate Death - A Relapse Multi Death Compilation (1994)


1 - candiru - opaque sun
2 - amorphis - exile of the sons of uisliu
3 - incantation - emaciated holy figure*
4 - general surgery - crimson concerto
5 - exit-13 - societally provoked genocidal contemplation*
6 - dead world - dead world
7 - convulse - crying back yesterday
8 - mortician - embalmed alive (rehearsal track)*
9 - disembowelment - your prophetic throne of ivory
10 - candiru - angles
11 - anal cunt - radio hit
12 - deceased - robotic village
13 - disrupt - religion is a fraud*
14 - macabre - embalmer*
15 - repulsion - the stench of burning death
16 - exit-13 - diet for a new america*
17 - incantation - unholy massacre
18 - phobia - sickening discreation (live)*
19 - mortician - hacked up for barbecue*
20 - disrupt - mind lock*
21 - convulse - memories
22 - anal cunt - chump change
23 - mortician - abolition (rehearsal track)*
24 - anal cunt - unbelievable
25 - suffocation - human waste
26 - repulsion - maggots in your coffin
27 - macabre - serial killer
28 - disrupt - same old shit*
29 - general surgery - an orgy of flying limbs and gore
30 - unlisted track


BLASPHEMY-Gods Of War - Blood Upon The Altar (1989)



dISEMBOWELMENT-Transcendence Into The Peripheral

DEATH-GRIND-DOOM band from Canada


VOICE OF DESTRUCTION-Bloedrivier (1996)