miércoles, 13 de enero de 2010

TERRORIZER-World Downfall (1989)

Terrorizer formed in 1986 in Los Angeles where it played mostly backyard gigs and D-I-Y venues. Many consider them to be the originators of the grindcore genre. In fact, one of the first known uses of the term goes back to a discussion between guitarist Jesse Pintado and current vocalist Anthony Rezhawk when they were teenagers. They agreed that a new sound was emerging in the scene, one that seemed to put the styles of punk and metal through a grinder to produce an array of jagged sonic shards. Aggressive lyrical affronts to the status quo, blast beats, skank beats, and mohawks were all ground in mix. Terrorizer was one of the first bands to create this more sinister mode of what some call the cross-over phenomenon. The 1989 album “World Downfall” was recorded and released after Terrorizer disbanded. Pete Sandoval (drummer) and Jesse Pintado had joined the bands Morbid Angel and Napalm Death (both of which need no introduction). As Morbid and Napalm rose to power, Terrorizer’s legacy has amassed a global cult following of trashing Hessians and angry punks. World Downfall is an artifact that has been treated as though it were the stone tablet instructing the authentic ways of grindcore. Everyone gets a dose of brutality with this record whether they seek bone-crushing music or mind-expanding ideas, or both.


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