miércoles, 13 de enero de 2010

AVULSED-Stabwound Orgasm (1999)

AVULSED is without any doubt the most veteran and constant band in the Spanish extreme Metal scene since its inception in August '91. Being the most active band in terms of releases (despite of not being a very prolific band) and live performances around the world and never even taking a small break ever since always being loyal to their Death Metal style.
The story has just begun for AVULSED after 18 years of non-stopping devotion to something of what the band has already become a synonym: Death Metal!!
1. Amidst the Macabre 01:53
2. Stabwound Orgasm 03:49
3. Blessed by Gore 04:27
4. Compulsive Hater 05:08
5. Eminence in Putrescence 04:33
6. Exorcismo Vaginal 04:02
7. Anthro-Pet-Phagus 04:46
8. Homeless Necrophile 04:36
9. Nice Rotting Eyes 04:18
10. Skinless 05:33
11. Coprotherapy 04:49
12. Virtual Massacre 10:40
Total playing time 58:34

link: http://www.mediafire.com/?xdjvuy4jx1z

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